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Google Ads

Get your business seen
right when people want what you’re selling

Get Google Ads management for a flat monthly fee with no lock-in contracts

Google Ads is a great way of reaching people who are actively searching for your product online. 

We specialise in helping small businesses get into Google Ads. You choose your ad budget, and we charge a flat rate to manage your ads.

We make sure the right people are clicking on your ads, and keep you updated with monthly reports on how your ads are performing.

How Google Ads work

Customer Googles your product or service

Your ad appears amongst search results

You only pay if they click on your ad

Google Ads
management package

Get eyeballs on your business

Google Ads management includes pricing

Need more ads?

When you are ready to add more ads, you can upgrade your
management plan to suit. We’ll create three versions of
each ad to test which ones perform the best.
• 1 ad $120 per month
• 2 ads $200 per month
• 3 ads $250 per month

Google Ads setup


  • An advertising objectives meeting to get to know your business and what you want to achieve
  • Keyword research using our software to find out what customers are Googling when looking for your product or service
  • Ad campaign setup, including the location you want to target (such as worldwide, or just near your business)
  • Ad creation including ad copy, as well as variations of the ad to test which one performs the best
  • Google Ads integration with your website including addition of necessary code to your site to track the effectiveness of the ad
  • Testing to make sure everything is working
  • Launch of your ad


setup fee

Google Ads monthly management


  • Ad performance analysis to make sure the ad is getting clicks 
  • Refining your target audience to make only people interested in what you’re selling are clicking on your ad
  • Addition of new keywords as needed
  • Adjust bidding for keywords (Google Ads are actually an auction!)
  • Monthly report with ad views, ad clicks and budget spend


per month

Why work with us?

clear simple marketing websites


We’ve been managing Google Ad campaigns for years, for small businesses like yours

Keep it simple

We love to keep it clear & simple and keep you updated all the way

Upfront pricing

No need for a lengthy quote process, we’re clear and upfront

clear simple marketing websites

Google Certified

We’re certified by Google for search ads, so you can trust we know what we’re doing


Why do I need someone to manage my Google Ads for me?

Google Ads isn’t set-and-forget unfortunately – the type of Google searches leading to your ad need to be refined to make sure you’re getting value for money. Since what people Google changes over time, you need someone keeping track. We have a checklist we work through every month to make sure the clicks keep coming.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! We don’t do lock-in contracts. However, we don’t offer a refund for the month you have already paid for, we will continue to manage your ad(s) until the end of that month.

What if I want more ads later on?

Easy peasy! When you are ready to add more ads, you can upgrade your management plan to suit. 
• 1 ad $120 per month
• 2 ads $200 per month
• 3 ads $250 per month

Setting up & managing your Google Ads