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About us

About us together

Hi! We’re Matt and Tina.

Put together, we have 18+ years’ experience in helping people just like you market their small & medium businesses.

We’re really good at helping you make the most of every opportunity to get your business out there – and we can help you make clear and simple work of it.

About us - Matt

Matthew Pickford

Diploma of Marketing & Communications
Diploma of Technology (Applied Science)
Facebook Ads Certified
Owner of way too many Google Home devices

I’m a scientist. I started my career in medical lab work where I enjoyed the precision and measurability of my work.

I’m also a musician. I’ve been playing instruments since I can remember and now in my spare time, I produce my own music.

In 2013, I ditched my lab job for my real passion: marketing. I love marketing because I can use both my analytical and creative strengths to solve problems for time-strapped business owners.

Over the last decade I’ve helped businesses with everything marketing, including marketing plans, websites, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, social media, graphic design and branding – and I’m looking forward to helping grow your business too ๐Ÿ˜Š.

About us - Tina

Tina Pickford

BSc (Human Communication Science)
Diploma of Marketing & Communications
Creator of a Taiwanese breakfast video with 1 million views

I started website design in 1997 and it’s been my true love ever since. I was 13, and the internet had only been public domain for 4 years! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ

After honing my graphic design and basic coding skills creating dozens of sites about my favourite bands (100% not ashamed of my Hanson fandom years) … I marched into local business after school and asked for the manager.

When he/she emerged I stood up as tall as I could (I’m vertically challenged) and exclaimed: “I’m a website designer. You don’t have a website, and you need one. I will make that happen for you”.

Some of them laughed. But quite a lot of them said yes.

I worked in web design and branding for a large corporation right through school. After completing my degree I started work at a learning clinic which I helped move online and become a national brand.